Sep 18 – 19, 2024
Göttingen, Alte Mensa
Europe/Berlin timezone
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🇩🇪 Die Teilnahme an den Workshops ist im Rahmen der Konferenz kostenlos. Eine Anmeldung ist nötig und bei der Anmeldung zur Konferenz möglich.

Alle Workshops werden auf Englisch angeboten.

🇬🇧 Participation in the workshops is free of charge as part of the conference. Registration is required and is possible when registering for the conference.

All workshops will be offered in English.


Workshop 1. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) in Clinical Decision Support Systems

Instructors: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anne-Christin Hauschild, Dr. Zully Ritter (both KISSKI / University Medical Center Göttingen UMG)


  • Lecture, 30 min
      - Trustworthiness of AI for Clinical Decision Support  (CDS) 
      - Introduction to XAI Methods 
      - XAI for CDS 
      - Current Developments on XAI
  •  Break, 15 min
  •  Hands-on, 120 min:   
    - 3 Jupyter labs will be provided for understanding and working the concepts learned in the lecture
    - Jupyter labs: (i) ML (setup), (ii) ML and exercises on XAI (using an example), (iii) complete pipeline for XAI (using an example)
  •  Discussion, 15 min

Max. number of participants: 20

Workshop 2: Generative Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector

Instuctors: André Baier, Dominik Beinert, Dr. Bastian Schäfermeier (all KISSKI / Frauenhofer IEE Kassel), Dr. Dajan Mimic (KISSKI / University of Hannover LUH)

Abstract: The release of Chat GPT has brought generative artificial intelligence to the forefront of public attention. Identifying the most suitable technologies, tools, and solutions in the current overwhelming dynamic of development can be challenging. This workshop aims to offer guidance and provide participants with the opportunity to collaboratively identify and discuss potential use cases of generative artificial intelligence in the energy sector.
Goal: Interdisciplinary assessment of the potential of generative AI in the energy industry.
Result: Prioritized list of use cases for generative AI in the energy sector


Input session (1 hour)

  • Introduction to generative AI methodologies (Schäfermeier)
  • Current use cases of generative AI in the energy sector (Baier)
  • Analysis of potential and risks of generative AI in the energy sector (Baier)

Interactive session (2 hours)

  • Break out 1: Brainstorming additional use cases
  • Plenary discussion
  • Break out 2: Brainstorming additional use cases
  • Plenary discussion
  • Break out 3: Finalization of selected use cases
  • Plenary discussion
  • Summary

Target Group: Energy Experts, Generative AI Experts, Generative AI interested

Max. number of participants: 20


Workshop 3. Data Science & Research Data 

Instructurs: Prof. Sören Auer, Dr. Markus Stocker, Dr. Oliver Karras (all University of Hannover LUH)


  • Presentation of the Open Research Knowledge Graph for the organisation of research information
  • Organisation of research data with Jupyter Notebooks 
  • Organisation of Energy Scenario Factsheets in the ORKG
  • Ontology-based research data management

Target Group: Researchers in the field of AI medicine and energy, users of KISSKI and those interested in research data management

Prerequisites: None. A laptop ist usful, but not required.

Max. number of participants: 20