Nov 20 – 21, 2024
Fraunhofer FOKUS
Europe/Berlin timezone

Base4NFDI invites you to the 1st Base4NFDI User Conference (UC4B2024)!


Base4NFDI is an initiative that will develop and offer a set of common shared RDM enabling services to the NFDI community. Base4NFDI supports this via an iterative three-step process, allowing a participatory path to roll-out and, importantly, gaining consensus from the NFDI community along the way. Base4NFDI will have a number of basic services at different stages of technical fruition by November 2024. 


The aim of this two-day event is:

To showcase the basic services and allow the audience to understand the service offering, examine how they can integrate the service into the NFDI community, and critically evaluate what this means in real-terms in terms of technical interoperability and local policies. The interactive programme will cover aspects of the different services, get insights from the institutions who will support their take-up as well as issues such as alignment with other infrastructures both nationally and at European level.


Who is this conference aimed at:

  • Members of NFDI who are interested in consortia-wide buy-in to a particular service
  • Members of the NFDI community who are closely involved with the potential integration of the basic services within their consortia 
  • Those who wish to contribute to critical discussions on the development of the services and any respective challenges

What are the main goals and takeaways:

  • To get a better understanding and discuss the rollout of the current basic services and how they will manifest when they get to operational stage
  • Give the NFDI community a chance to comment on the services at their respective stages
  • A clearer analysis of how to commit to a service and what agreements need to be in place across consortia and respective institutions
  • What interoperability with EOSC actually means, how this applies to basic services and what components of the NFDI basic services can be offered at EOSC level


Please note: Our Call for contributions is now open! (new deadline: May 29)


Please visit the Base4NFDI website for further information on Base4NFDI.

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