Joint Conference on Research on Text Analytics

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Within the NFDI, text data is an important source for analysis, for example in the consortia BERD@NFDI and Text+, which deal with humanities research (Text+) and Business, Economic and Related Data (BERD@NFDI). Although both consortia address different communities and research questions, there is overlap in methods, e.g. machine learning, aspects of language models and other natural language processing techniques. The Joint Conference on Research on Text Analytics seeks to present the different application areas and identify possible synergies when looking at similar methods.

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      Natural Language Processing in Marketing and Business Research
      Speaker: Mark Heitmann (University of Hamburg)
    • 12:15 PM
    • 12:25 PM
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      Text+ – Concept and benefits for empirical researchers
      Speaker: Erhard Hinrichs (Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache and University of Tübingen)
    • 4
      BERD@NFDI – Concept and benefits for empirical researchers
      Speaker: Florian Stahl (University of Mannheim)
    • 2:30 PM
      Coffee break
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      To be clear: Ambiguity in multi-modal digital ads can be a double-edged sword
      Speaker: Jochen Hartmann (Munich Technical University)
    • 6
      Sentiment Analysis with Active Learning
      Speakers: Christopher Schröder (Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) e. V.), Erik Körner (Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig), Gerhard Heyer (Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities; University of Leipzig)
    • 7
      Harmful or Helpful? Using Text Analytics to Understand the Effects of Platform Interventions
      Speaker: Florian Pethig (Uni Mannheim)
    • 8
      Automatic Detection of Offensive Language
      Speaker: Heike Zinsmeister (Uni Hamburg)
    • 9
      Panel discussion – Path forward for Text+ and BERD@NFDI
      Speakers: Andreas Witt (Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache), Barbara Plank (LMU Munich), Jochen Hartmann (Munich Technical University), Marc Fischer (Host), Peter Leinen (Host), Siham El Kihal (WU Wien)
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