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Research Writing

by Tomoko Kurihara

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Clear and logical writing—this is vital for academic writers. My workshop aims to develop
this key skill through focus on structure and elements of style. When attempting to express
complex ideas, our writing at times tends to become quite obscure and we might be tempted
to write in convoluted sentences full of jargon just because that is what we think is expected
of research writing. But impenetrable and pretentious technicalities only hinder
communication. It is much better for you (and your readers!) to write directly and precisely.
Learning just a few structural and stylistic points about writing will help you effectively
communicate your top-notch research to members of your research community as well as to
the general public. As many problems with research writing are common to all disciplines
and at all career levels, my workshop is open to all individuals with the motivation to
improve their writing. Simply apply what you learn here to writing in your own discipline.

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