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Writing Abstracts

by Tomoko Kurihara

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Is it time to write your abstract for the journal article you’ve just finished or for an upcoming
conference? Abstracts are mini-texts that condense all your thinking into 150 to 200 words.
They can be in either traditional or structured formats. You also need to select a number of
not-too-general keywords. In any case, abstracts are important for writers to get right because
they are used by editors, conference organisers and readers to accept or reject your work. This
workshop will help you understand the structure of typical abstracts in research articles and
conference abstracts. We will analyse the type of information included and the kind of
sentences and vocabulary used to convey that information. This knowledge will then be
placed in your disciplinary context by studying good examples of the kind of abstracts you
would like to produce. As many conventions in research writing are common to all
disciplines and at all career levels, my workshop is open to all individuals with the motivation
to improve their writing. Simply apply what you learn here to writing in your own discipline. 

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