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How to Articulate the Value and Skills You Bring to Non-Academic Employers – Transferable Skill Training

by Dr Tina Persson

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How to Articulate the Value and Skills You Bring to Non-Academic Employers

How to translate your academic skill-sets to a terminology employers beyond academia understand and value


While academic employers are looking for qualifications and experiences related to teaching, research, publications, grants, and awards, non-academic employers are looking for a combination of abilities, skills (technical and soft skills), knowledge, and culture fit for their organization.

Most likely, you have come across terms such as values and transferable skills, but perhaps without knowing what they are and how to articulate them to make an attractive CV or stand out in an interview situation, so recruiters and hiring managers understand the skills and value you offer.

In the workshop, you will also learn to identify job titles using a skill searching technique. Recruiters select candidates by skills, so why not think like a recruiter and use the same strategy in the job search? In addition, today's labor market is dynamic, with new job titles popping up all the time, so you need a strategy identifying new roles you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what transferable skills are and why they are so important

  • How to use transferable skills to express what you want in your CV, Interview, and as an elevator pitch

  • Learn to connect your transferable skills to a job field you find attractive and interesting

  • How to find job titles you didn’t know existed by using an agile skill searching technique

  • Examples of jobs beyond academia

Schedule (2.0-hours format)
Opening (Setting the scene)
Sharing of hand-out as Google document in the chat
Workshop with 2-3 break-out rooms
QA Session (15 min)

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