Life Science/Bioinformatics Workshop

Europe/Berlin (Online)

Martin Leandro Paleico (GWDG)

All science domains are undergoing a computerized revolution, and life science is not an exception. This requires researchers to not only be masters of their own field, but also be capable of dealing with and understanding new technologies, which allows them to expand and empower their research capabilities. Here the GWDG offers its expertise and resources: from programming to high-performance computing services, from license handling to service hosting, we strive to help our users and facilitate their day-to-day work.

The aim of this workshop is to present our currently available services in the domain of life sciences/bioinformatics, and at the same time receive feedback from our users regarding the future development of this science domain at the GWDG. This workshop will help us create the roadmap for the coming years of bioinformatics at the GWDG. If you want to influence the evolution of our life science offers, this is your chance!

Attendees are encouraged to contribute a 5-10 minute, 2-5 slides presentation. The focus point of said presentation should be their current research, and their challenges and needs with regards to technical support and high performance computing (this can be in the form of services, training, community, etc.). We hope that researchers at every stage of their career will attend and participate, to better gauge the requirements of the scientific community.

If you want to contribute a presentation, after sign-up, please send an email to Martin Paleico, with the topic "Bioinfo Workshop 2022 Presentation", and the title and a short description of your presentation in the body, and you will receive a confirmation and time slot.

Additionally, we will introduce the Bionformatics related services at the GWDG, and make showcase presentations for some of them.

This event is mainly directed to members of the University of Göttingen, Medicine University of Göttingen (UMG) and various Max Planck Institutes (MPI), but researchers and students of other institutions are also welcomed to attend.


Note: Please expect changes to the agenda as new presentations are added or changed.

Martin Leandro Paleico